This page is for the Crew:

Mike Ehde - Driver /  Mechanic

Duane Fritz- Crew Chief

Josh Smidtke- Pit Crew /Technical

Mike Degenhardt - Mechanic /   Tires

Bob Jung - Spotter /   Pit

Erik Zinc  - Pit Crew

Brian Zenz  - Mechanic

Jim Lessard - Pit Crew

Jim Lessard - Prairie du Chien, Wi

Mike Ehde - Prairie du Chien, Wi

Duane Fritz - Prairie du Chien, Wi

Mike Degenhardt - Lanncaster, Wi

Brian Zenz, La Crosse, Wi

Bob Jung - Bloomington, Wi

Racing is a very dedicated sport. You either love it or you don't do it. This crew has been with us for ever. And it is a huge commitment. Every weekend, all summer long. So there are not words to express it more than